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Now into our 8th season!

The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years, hit new musical at Theater Drachengasse in October. Show & ticket details here

Casting Notice!

We are looking for musical actors and musicians...


Please see the enclosed for details.

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Vienna Theatre Project believes passionately in the integration of theatre within the school curriculum. The contemporary nature of our productions means that we can examine contemporary questions and encourage debate on current issues. We aim to respond to educational needs by facilitating high quality accessible theatre in English, encouraging cross-community links.

We believe in active learning. We believe that an artistic experience should stimulate students. We believe in supporting teachers in nurturing the potential of their students. All teacher material is put together, written and edited by qualified teachers and experienced education professionals to ensure an easy integration of the themes and ideas raised in our productions into the curriculum.


The downloads offered on these pages are free of charge.

For more information on our theatre in education programme, including in school workshops, please contact education@viennatheatreproject.at.