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Now into our 8th season!

The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years, hit new musical at Theater Drachengasse in October. Show & ticket details here

Casting Notice!

We are looking for musical actors and musicians...


Please see the enclosed for details.

Become a friend and find production photos

We are on facebook and myspace find us for weekly updates on events.

Partnering and Sponsoring

Becoming a Partner or Sponsor

Every Vienna Theatre Project production transforms the theatre into a meeting point and melting pot of English speakers in Austria – be they students, teachers, ex-pat professionals in the public and private sector and theatre buffs. Every season Vienna Theatre Project fills over 2000 seats and gives away more than 1500 programmes.


We distribute several publications throughout the year, including programmes, newsletters and updates in various print and electronic formats. Of course, we also have our posters and flyers for each of the productions.


We can offer you many different opportunities to advertise with us, or become a partner – sponsoring our theatrical adventure. With both monetary and creative contributions our partners ensure the on-going quality of Vienna Theatre Project productions. There are so many different ways in which our partners can make their impact felt – placing their products and expertise at our disposal, hosting us and making financial contributions. The exciting opportunities to increase your company’s cultural corporate sponsorship can be integrated with our productions.


Working with us is a unique opportunity to access a varied theatre-going audience and boost your company’s visibility. For more information about advertising and sponsorship please contact the Vienna Theatre Project team on sponsorship@viennatheatreproject.at.